Storm Drainage

Proper storm damage prevention is an important and essential element of keeping community members safe year-round. In fact, Houston storm drainage must be constantly maintained and monitored to ensure the highest levels of safety.

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Pulling the proper permits in regard to civil engineering type work is a necessary and vital element of this kind of work that should never be overlooked. Flooding is a major issue at certain times of the year, making this type of civil engineering permit service crucial to long-term infrastructure maintenance. Lack of adequate and complete civil engineering attention can easily cause serious flooding and may endanger the life and wellbeing of those living in the immediate area. Civil construction permits validate a particular project and assist in confirming that all code and regulations have been satisfied. When working with a professional team like there is never a concern for chasing permits for a civil engineering project.

Retention (Wet Bottom) Ponds

Storm water runoff is a serious concern in any community. That is why it is so essential to have experienced and professional civil engineers perform any required construction when necessary. This helps to prevent erosion and promotes adequate water flow.

Civil engineering related work in Houston must always be complimented with the proper construction permits. From wet ponds to detention basin type work, having access to fast and efficient permit acquisition services is essential to long-term project success. Flood protection is best achieved through quality civil construction projects such as building the right kind of detention structures and systems. Harris county civil building permits that are requested in a timely way will ensure that a project stays on course to final completion. Best of all a well-planned detention basin project will enhance the look of the local environment while at the same time preventing flood damage. Contact Houston Building Permits for permitting services today.


The use of detention basins is an excellent way of improving infrastructure and it helps to maintain better control of water flow and movement from streams and lakes as well as rivers. Civil engineering projects that focus on detention basin type work must always be properly permitted.

Failure to attain the appropriate civil engineering permits in can result in delays to an important project. One of the best ways to avoid schedule overruns in this regard is to simply work with an experienced team of civil construction permit professionals. brings a considerable amount of experience to the table when it comes to meeting city and county codes and regulations. Proper permit pulling and attention to detail will keep a detention basin project on schedule and on budget. While good function and design is at the core of a successful civil construction project, nothing can proceed without the right permits. Contact Houston Building Permits to learn more.