Flood Plain Consulting

Civil building permits that center around storm and flood plain work must be acquired in a quick and efficient way to ensure project success. A professional and responsive company that helps civil engineers and others secure the right flood plain construction permits in Houston can save civil technicians and professionals time and effort.

architectur plans of residential and commercial real estate

When delays and postponements occur, projects can encounter cost overruns and schedule complications. Working with a building department or group to ensure compliance and that all regulations, codes and rules have been satisfied is vital to keeping a civil engineering job moving in the right direction. Serious flood damage can cause havoc in a community that can easily result in injury and even loss of life. Dedicated civil engineering can help to keep a community safe and secure in this regard. Contact us to learn more.

Mitigation (Cut & Fill)

Adequate attention must always be given to mitigation (cut & fill) as a way to ensure proper flood plain management. Reducing the impact of flood plain infrastructure can be as simple as having adequate civil engineering related work performed at the right time.

Mitigation (cut & fill) work in Harris county and greater Houston area can improve the community and make it a far safer place for residents and business owners. Contact Houston Building Permits for civil permit services today.